Monday, May 17, 2004

It's currently at Blogspot, click to see. Need new names for this site, cant always stick to Spookyowner right? I need ideas! Gimme some please.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004
I Survived You
Everytime we ask SY how she survived Nigel, it reminds me of this song "I Survived You" sung by Clay Aiken. To SY, if you dunno how it goes, it like that:

I see the picture clearer now
And the fog has lifted
The wool you tried to pull over my eyes was clever
Yeah you're gifted
But you forgot to dot some i's and cross some t's along the way
I'm better now despite you baby
I'm strong these days

I survived the crash
Survived the burn
Survived the worst yeah baby but I learned
Survived the lies
Survived the blues
Almost killed me but I survived the truth
And when you wrote me off like I was doomed
I survived you

I can look in the mirror now
It's been a slow awakening
Haunted by a heart full of you
Couldn't help mistaking
That you could ever care for anyone
Anyone but yourself
That you would have to have a conscience baby
Good luck, I wish you well


This heart's been torn in two
Cut and bruised
With too many bitter endings
And I'll be damned if I have thoughts of you
Rain on my new beginning

Btw, i want to try out Lene Marlin's (or isit martin?) debut album. As in, i'm buying it. Or shd i get Michelle Branch's debut first?

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Friday, May 14, 2004
I'm moving. Apparently, i havent found a better name for it.

Comments, anyone?

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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Blogger... or Blogdrive?
Monsieur Pak Nian has opened an account with Blogger. I wanted to once, but I hated the way BlogSpot works. For Blogdrive, its rather simple for comp idiots (like me) as it has idiot-proof ways of letting people change their template and stuff.

I havent really ventured into Blogger, and I'm really lazy. I dont really bother with these comp stuff either, as long as i'm satisfied enough with the machine's behaviour i'm using now. Of course, this means that my comp hasnt been testing my patience. Few days ago my CPU usage shot up to 100% and I suspected that it was the SL package tour's fault. My school's comp these days going at 100% too; the internet connection's down too. Maybe because partially they unplugged the internet for one good reason.

Talking about comps, MW told us today that due to her husband's ingeniuty, her home pc now cannot be used. Caught virus, i think.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
some complains that u dont have to read if u find it torture
Oh, i forgot all about the VIP seats. On Saturday's performance, all backstage people got to watch it from the VIP seats! Wow! In actual fact, it wasnt the $35 seats. It wasnt the balcony seats either. It was actually the Grand Floor of the corridor infront of the TV screen (at the backstage). Some teachers took pics of us, claiming to show Mr Yue the kind of good seats we got for putting in all the hard work.

*SOME complains have been removed*

Oh, and Joel lost a shoe today. Silly boy. I didnt know MW was in FOH (Front Of House) until i saw her name in the programme. Stupid school. They didnt thank the parent support group, not to say students such as CO, Choir, Band, Wardrobe, IT club who did the multimedia, FOH.... and the tiny number of people who helped out in the makeup team.

*More complains have been removed*

Sighs... Me is like that. Complain complain.. MW's sick..

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